Mar 31

On this Easter Sunday our senior pastor, Alasdair Black,  continues his series on the Gospel of Jesus Christ by looking at how Mark's gospel speaks of God's  victory and His transforming power.

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Mar 24

Alasdair Black, our senior pastor, continues his series looking at the gospel of Jesus Christ. This morning he looks at how John  in his gospel speaks about the love of God.

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Mar 17

Alasdair Black, our senior pastor, continues his series leading to Easter asking what is the Gospel. This morning he answers the question from Luke's perspective.

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Mar 10

Alasdair Black,our senior pastor, begins a new series as we move towards Easter looking at the foundational message of the New Testament gospels about what Jesus has done.

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Mar 03

Tara Devlin, from TearFund, speaks on the parable of the sower on the Mission Sunday as we focus on short  term missions,

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