Aug 31

This morning the team who  visited the Cambodian Hope Outreach (CHO) in August (as a church we are connected to CHO through Tearfund) shared their experiences. Here Jo McIlwaine, a member of that team, brings a challenge from CHO using the Beatitudes in Matthew 5.

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Aug 30

Alasdair Black, our senior pastor, in a service focusing on the Alpha course, talks about what is Alpha about.

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Aug 17

Alasdair Black. our senior pastor, preaches on the heart of the gospel in the context of present day issues.

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Aug 11

Alasdair Black, our senior pastor, speaks on the holocaust narrative in the Old Testament in the context of the present Israeli/Palestine conflict.

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Aug 03

Alasdair Black,  our senior pastor, gives a Christian response to what is happening in Gaza.

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